Sunday, April 4, 2010

Revolusi Mantap

Haha. Faizal Tahir gabung dengan Bunkface. Dua-dua main gitar. It was like omg.
OK esok sekolah. Latihan Debat. Saya sekarang suka debat. Since tak dapat bagi komitmen untuk form 5.
Oh guys, know what, ramai kat asrama/sekolah dah start main gitar. Aduhai.
My guitar is now at optimum prefomance. Haha. Cakap macam elec guitar je.
Oh cakap pasal rlrc guitar ni, I have some new targets. Selain RG350dx, I target Les Paul Studio and FR1620. Mahal memang. Tapi kalau buat betul-betul SPM ni, Insya Allah.

I don't know how I feel. But somehow something good is coming to me and I'm coming to it. I don't know what. I think everything is now overrated, but I should be careful, better than before. I'm missing somebody. And emm I hope this ihtifal, the form 5 will be doing great. I'm not joining them. After what happened, I never wanted to know nything bout them. But here are some form 5 new guitarists; AHAN, ABM, MZMK and AMM. Hope they wouldn't be bad like me. They learn fast, I don't, kan? Oh, I achieved one objective that I have beaten one of my fellow guitarist friends.  He has played since young. Oh ya, brag? No, this is what my friends and juniors told me. Hehe.
I don't know what to feel, someone should provoke me, please :) I need to be better, means I now feel good. I can control myself. I no longer will be depressed. Add maths result helped me be that. From 9G to B+, kinda nice to feel good.
I now can manipulate my timetable. Focus in class, at home? We can enjoy. Every minutes at home. But homeworks are essential. Get them done. Then haa you can play. Have you heard of harm principle? I don't know what ti describe bout that.
Oh yea. I have a new thing to share. Sometimes, people are not like they write on the internet. Or elsewhere. So never assume people, never do think, never underestimate.
And one thing I wanna advise my fellow friends, old ones, young ones, please open your mind. Know what, some group of ppl said to us our batch, keyboard is made from string. wth? Sometimes you feel you are good enough, but when thinking bout this thing, I laughed for their stupidity. Stupid. Please la, I don't ever mind if you guys won't allow guitar for show, but, haa, think.
Please guys, pray for my success, here and hereafter :)
Ibanez FR1620 and Epiphone Les Paul Studio
*I dah dapat somebody yang boleh coverkan full solo of Jiwa Kelajuan. Tqvm.


+akufobia+ said...

piano+keyboard sama ke?

~^CoKLaTsToBeRi^~ said...

piano, keyboard, organ, laen.laen.lain! haha,,

~^CoKLaTsToBeRi^~ said...
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~^CoKLaTsToBeRi^~ said...
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