Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Debate Update

Ok current status is now that I'm not joining the UIA team. The seniors got the chance. But I still have learnt so much from DPK. I'm not hating this club. In fact, I love it even more. Yeah I know that He wants to show me something. He wants me focus on my studies since Setara is really around the corner. It will come any time. I'm not regretting of joining the club. At least la I experienced something that other people didn't stand the chance. TQ De'Pikir. Oh yea, doesn't mean that I am officially out from this club. No. It's just that I won't join for UIA. But my heart asks me to follow and support them. But the problem is, I need to go by myself because Mrs Principal said that she will only bring three observers and they are Danial, Waiz and Liyana.
Good luck for you guys.

I have transcribed this song by this video. So if anybody wants the chords, here they are.

Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga Chords (accurate)

Dmin Cadd9th Gmin

Gmaj Bmin7th Emin7th Cadd9th

Emin7th Dmaj Cadd9th Amin Cmaj Dmaj

Please pray for my success. I hope I would do the same. TQ.


kasut_putih said...

nak pegi ke.. tak yah la.. how if kita pi main bowling.. enjoy2.. tenangkan fikiran yg makin lama makin serabut ni.. Grrr...

+akufobia+ said...

pergi kosmo world.main sampai muntahmuntah.

Anwar said...

kasut! jom! dah lama tak pergi. jgn skudai parade la. tempat lain ke. hee.

Anwar said...

acap, saya fobia.

Sung said...

anwar, thanks. dah sedap ;)