Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nak pick free?

Thrifty way to have a pick for those who love picks or hate to go to any music store (pemalas). I edited this picture and it slowed down tthis lappy.

1. Get an expired credit card.
2. Shape it by a marker.
3. Cut it.
4. Scrape its skirting.
5. Line it up with other picks.

Don't worry. It will produce quite same sound.
This picture's real size is 6 MB T_T

Precaution : Only an expired card works. Hahahah.


ain said...

yalahh , sekolah .

+akufobia+ said...

semangat sekolah.(zzz.)

nwa said...

ain, dapat result?

nwa said...

acap, dapat result?

ain said...

GRR . soooooooooooo bad .
tak berani tunjuk dekat mak abah .

anwarhusaini said...

alolo. berapa G?