Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Exam is just around the corner, everybody is getting busy, the teachers are struggling, helping their students as well. My MySpace account has already been invi-ed, forever. My Facebook will be dusty for about a fortnight. My Twitter may be dusty too. What is left? My blog. You may see my updates from here.

I'm starting to struggle as possible as I can. So, I must return my PSP to my deary dad. Do you know what Mashghul means? In Arabic, it is mahsghul, in English, it is busy. Thus, I'm putting a statement that I am busy. Busy achieving for my excellence in this end year exam. There are three things in my mind right now : STUDY3, SPM and ***. :)

Lepas exam ambil lesen motor. But "we" are still considering the safety.


dian:) said...

heyy sy dah merdekaaa :D exam habes suda. hee. all the best utk nwaaa! (:

Anwar said...

alamak! dian best la weyh!